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sssss520 & 524 Feeder Wagons

520 & 524 Feeder Wagons  call for availability

sssssModel 500

The model 500 feeder holds 1 big round bale and has a 12 gauge pan which keeps the hay off the ground. Will save 30 percent or more of your hay. Heavy duty durable feeders

sssssModel 510

The 510 model is used mainly when you want a little more space or using full 8 foot Big square bales.

sssssModel 400 sheep and goat feeder

The 400 model is designed for sheep and goats well built and will save you a lot of hay.

sssssModel 512

Model 512 holds 2 bales works great for ground feed or silage also

sssss500 S

New 500 S for small calves or lo line cattle

sssssNew feed hopper

1 ton seed and feed hopper

sssssSeed hopper

1 ton buggy